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Depression 2

Personal Therapy

Personal counseling and therapy work doesn't mean we are crazy or have a mental disorder.  It most often simply means we're stuck and can truly benefit from the help and guidance of someone trained to get people unstuck. 

You are not your problems

It is quite common for many individuals who are seeking therapy to come in looking for reasons as to why they are suffering.  In our current mental health culture, that search turns many people inward, looking for what's wrong with them on the inside.  We want to label those problems with a diagnosis.  We want to peel back the layers to go deep inside ourselves in order to explain behaviors, emotional reactions, and defense mechanisms.  We want to "fix" ourselves.  

While we may indeed be suffering emotionally in ways we can explain biologically (and even benefit from medication), it is important to note that the problems we face occur on the outside of us, not on the inside.  We interact with the outside world, and that interaction produces thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that affect us on the inside.  My approach to individual therapy, grounded in successful models and research, takes on a different stance, philosophically and practically.  You are NOT your problems.   You are NOT broken.  You may be stuck.  You may be suffering from perhaps years emotional or even physical pain.  But you have strengths and a power to relate differently in your life. 

You are NOT alone

 The hardest part in any struggle is isolation.  We feel we are alone, that we cannot find someone who understands, or that we need to figure it out all on our own.  Isolation is painful.  Feeling alone, disconnected, and helpless or hopeless can be intense and maybe even overwhelming.  We were not meant to be alone and in isolation.  We were created for connection, community, and a sense of purpose and belonging.  Often times, the first and hardest step to overcoming the challenges and painful issues in your life is reaching out.  In therapy, I seek to create a safe place where you can connect around the painful issues in your life and not be alone.  We can then work to access the resources and strengths both in yourself and in your relationships to move you forward.

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