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Family work

Who we are, how we operate, where we have learned about relationship and our values in life are often shaped or more influenced by our family members than any other.  No relationships tend to have a more powerful affect on our mental and emotional health than our family relationships.  

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy

Pacifica Group works with a new and powerful model of family therapy: Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT).  Much like EFT and couples, EFFT focuses on the attachment bonds between family members.  

Parents can often times be confused trying to understand the behaviors of their children.  Children may not feel they can come to understand or express what they are feeling or how to reach for contact, care and comfort from their parents.  Issues and challenges that confront families are experienced differently by every family member, and working through or communicating around those issues is not always clear-cut, easy or even safe. In EFFT, the therapist works with all members of the family (though not always at the same time!) to build safety, security and trust to work through the difficult issues that families face.  

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