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Start the journey here

This is your first step.  Some say it is the most difficult.  Reaching out, making contact, and actually sharing what you need, even if you're not sure... this is where it all begins.  Let's try to make it as easy as possible and help you prepare.

The first decision...

What kind of work do you want to do?

​Are you looking for individual work?  Couples therapy?  Are you looking for therapy for one of your family members?  Often times people think the problem lies just within themselves and seek individual work when the actual problem lies within the relationships in their life.  Is your issue a relationship issue?  See my Theory of Change section to learn more about the issues in our lives and how we create change.  

Who do you want to see?

We have different specialties, different styles, and different personalities.  But every person in the Pacifica Group is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.  They are all well trained and bring their heart into their work.  Even if you don't find the right fit, we are committed to making sure you find the right person for you.  Do not be afraid to share what you want!  


Some Common Concerns...

How much does it cost?

Each clinician in the group has different rates as well as the ability to work with you if need be.  Some work requires more specialization or more time.  We are presently not on any insurance panels, but there are ways of getting insurance to cover all or a portion of the sessions.  If you are under financial duress, we may also have sliding scale options.  Contact the team member to find out specific rates.  If in the event we cannot work with you, we have an amazing network of therapists in San Diego and beyond we can connect you with.  We are dedicated to getting you the help you need!

When and where?

Where do you live?  Where are you coming from?  Would you prefer Telehealth?  The Pacifica Group currently has two different offices if you would like to come in person.  Our Mission Valley office is in a very central part of San Diego.  If you are in South Bay, our Chula Vista office may work perfectly for you.  Both are very comfortable and have easy parking.  Or if you prefer meeting online, we all offer telehealth options through Zoom.

What time?  Different team members have different hours.  Some are available during the evening and some are even available on weekends.  We will find the right time for you!

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Next Step: Make and appointment

​We will find the best time for you and your partner or family member to come in.  Typical session lengths are 50-60 minutes for normal sessions, but the first session can be 70-80 minutes so we can get through important initial information.  Make sure to ask your clinician how long to expect.  

All the paperwork online

We work through an online portal system called Simple Practice that manages our scheduling, forms, and payment.  It can even be used for correspondence.  When we schedule for the first time, we will email you an invite into the Portal where you can access the forms you need to fill out.  Everyone participating in work with Pacifica Group needs to read and sign these forms.   

Informed Consent explains how the process works and what you need to know.
Client Information is a brief information sheet with items like your contact info and other pertinent information we will need to have on file.
Fee Agreement outlines the payment process with the agreed upon fees.

Authorization for Confidential Information is a form we use if you would like us to connect with another professional, entity or person.  If there is no one, we do not fill out the form.  It insures your confidentiality. 

If you need statements in the future, we can generate these and send them to you through Simple Practice, such as super bills or pay statements with CPT codes should you need to send to your insurance.  It is all easy and all confidential.   

Need to cancel or reschedule?

No problem!  Our only request is you try and cancel 24 hours in advance.  It will give us and other therapists who use the office the opportunity to use the therapy room.  We lose money with empty rooms!  

The Informed Consent and Fee Agreement outline the normal cancelation policy after your first session.  You can cancel any time the day before therapy but if you cancel the same day, you will be charged.  If there is an emergency or critical issue, just let us know.  We're understanding!  We're therapists! 

We look forward to working with you!

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