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Pacifica Group

Counseling and Wellness

Pacifica Group.  We are a collection of counselors, therapists and coaches in the helping professions dedicated to making a difference in people's lives and in their communities.  We strive for wellness, where health means relationships that are secure, flexible and capable of growth.  Where individuals, couples and families can find emotional and relational healing and breakthrough.  Where people can overcome the obstacles and challenges encountered throughout life to adapt, learn, grow and change.  Wellness does not mean just on the inside of a person, but what also happens between people, from our most important relationships to our larger community.  Click below to explore the various members of our team and find the right person to come along side you and help you succeed. 

Raul Mex 2
Torrey Pines


The Mission Statement for Pacifica Group and our pledge to the community.


How do we see the human person?  How do we see "mental health"?  

How do we understand change?


Its different than you might think. 

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