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Mission Statement

The mission of Pacifica Group Counseling and Wellness is to provide services of connection, healing, strength and empowerment to all human beings in need.  

We believe this to be the greatest act of love, to be present and journey with persons in pain, in struggle, in hardship and especially in isolation, regardless of where they come from, their race, culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, status or the mistakes they have made in their past.  We do this by committing ourselves, our training and our gifts to the work of counseling, therapy, coaching and education to transform our clients and our communities into empowered people of love, respect and passion.   

All Hands In

Pacifica Group Counseling and Wellness strives to create a space of dignity, respect, inclusion and love, where everyone is safe, welcome, and heard.

We recognize that not everyone will share our values, beliefs or goals.  None the less, we strive to always remain in dialogue, working toward places and points of connection, mutual understanding, and opportunities to find mutual respect and love.  Like our philosophy in our work, we believe the best way to change minds is to change hearts with experiences acceptance and love.   

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